The Salvage Garden in autumn at Langdale

Magnolia 'Daphne' & Malus 'Butterball' in the Lawn Garden

The Lawn Garden & Rosemoor Border

A bright corner of the patio

Autumnal foliage high in the Salvage Garden

Grape vine draped over the platform

Old Man's Beard

Cotinus 'Grace' lights up a corner of the Cottage Garden

Glass lamp & pomegranate on the patio

Jasmine scrambling over the pergola in the Rill Garden

Autumnal colours in the Rosemoor Border

Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' in the Rosemoor Border

Grape vine scrambling over a rustic wooden pergola

Autumn foliage of Sorbus vilmorinii in Sally's Patch

The Woodland Garden

The Woodland Garden

On the patio

In the Salvage Garden

In the Salvage Garden

View from the platform

View from the platform

The Salvage Garden

The Woodland Garden

Snowdrops lining the beech hedge at Langdale