What's taters... ?

The answer to that much quoted question is "These are taters!"

Surely one of the great joys of growing your own vegetables, apart from knowing that they haven't had any chemicals sprayed on them and they haven't done any miles, is the taste of the first of the new crop. That handful of new peas straight from the pod, a tomato that is still warm from being in the greenhouse, tender young broad beans, the list is endless - and of course, right up there at the top of the list has to be the taste of the first root of potatoes. The variety is Nichola, and they are a nice waxy potato. These are definitely not going to be "mashed or made into big golden chips to be had with a nice piece of fried fish", nor are we going to "stick 'em in a stew", no these are going to be boiled, probably with some freshly picked leaves of mint and served with a little butter. Absolutely delicious!

First root of Nichola potatoesOne root of Nichola potatoes

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