Summer celebration!

All change, it's time for summer...

We have two planting schemes per year for the patio - a winter scheme and a summer scheme. The winter scheme is based around dwarf shrubs for winter colour and successional bulbs, which give us continuity through winter and spring. The summer scheme is hot and vibrant, using red flowered fuchsias & begonias to give us an exotic feel through summer and autumn. In particular, the summer planting scheme demands your attention as soon as you walk onto the patio - it is centre stage and star of the show. We enjoy planting up both schemes, but of course when we are doing the summer one we know we have the summer to look forward to!

A job associated with both times of year concerns our little collection of pots - terracotta pots we have collected literally from all over the world. When we plant up the winter scheme it is time for the terracotta pots to go away into their winter quarters (aka the outside loo) to keep them frost free over the winter months. A much more enjoyable task is that of bringing them back out onto the patio as we plant up the summer scheme.

However you celebrate it, enjoy your summer garden!

Summer Patio 1

Summer Pots

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